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Pour House Trivia is the fastest-growing live trivia company in the mid-Atlantic region.  Founded in 2009, Pour House Trivia currently hosts live pub trivia at more than 80 venues throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond.  An evening of trivia at any one of our locations is a downright, mind-rocking romp!  Our goal is to provide a memorable evening for you and your friends.  This involves thought-provoking questions and challenges; great music and engaging, entertaining hosts.  We strive to create an atmosphere for healthy, honest competition and to show your team a great time while we do it. 

Since we can’t get together in person, maybe this is the “next-best-thing.” Get together your team of family and friends on Zoom (or Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and so on), bring up the game on the YouTube link (sent once team is registered), and compete for fun and prizes.

The game will last about 2 hours with scoring updates at halftime, after round 3 and before the Final question.

Special Guest appearances, lots of laughs, chat room for witty comments between teams.

All the details will be sent to you once your team is registered. Team captains must be American citizens over the age of 18. Got Questions now? Post them here.

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