Values and Priorities:

The working families of Maryland are the cornerstone of my work in Annapolis. Their health, their kid's education, the opportunities available, the air they breathe, the water they drink.
This is what I fight for each and every day in Annapolis.
Education and Job Training

As a Member of the Board of Education, I know how important those first years are to a child's future ability to learn. That is why I support universal Pre-K for all Maryland 4-year-olds.

As a college professor, I see the need for career education, technical training,  and professional apprenticeships that direct students to rewarding carriers.

I believe there should be Debt-Free College options for students.

We should push for expansion of our Career Technology Center (CTC) campus to new locations, including in southern Frederick County, as well as an expansion of programs offered.

Working Families Tax Credit

I support expanding the Maryland Earned Income Tax Credit. 

“The cost of living is skyrocketing, making it hard for working Americans like nurses, firefighters, and teachers to even afford to live in the places they serve. This proposal would give working people a cost of living boost so they can make ends meet today and put away something for tomorrow.”

Addressing Cost and Access to Healthcare

I support healthcare that is affordable and accessible for all citizens of Maryland.  Our children and seniors are threatened with cuts to CHIP and Medicare, and our neighbors should not go bankrupt just because they get sick. People should not worry about losing their family’s insurance if they lose their job.

Transportation and Infrastructure

We don't have to drive 270 to feel the pain of traffic in our area. Everyone agrees that a solution to 270 is needed, as do I, but I will also push to find solutions to other congested or unsafe areas in the county. I will be to be forward-thinking about the transportation and infrastructure needs of Frederick.

My priority is to attract employers to our region and avoid the commute altogether and reduce the number of cars and to use technology to maximize the efficiency of the lanes we already have. We also have to address the afternoon congestion on Routes 85 and 355 right here in 3B.

The Opioid Crisis 

State policies can play a huge role in combating drug abuse and opioid addiction. Seemingly every person in our community has been affected by the opioid crisis. We have to do everything we can to prevent these tragedies, and one way we can implement solutions to end the crisis is through legislation. I will take the fight to combat this crisis seriously as your state delegate.

Agriculture and the Environment

We need a balance of housing, manufacturing, office space, and agriculture in Frederick--especially in 3B. I want to encourage micro-farming for local and sustainable food and to preserve agricultural land.

We also have to prepare for the effects of climate change, and protect our environment from the mountains to the bay to keep our residents healthy, minimize economic disruption, and make sure our children can enjoy the same fresh air that we grew up with here in Frederick County and Maryland.

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